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It seems ridiculous to be writing about maxi skirts at the end of October but while I am freezing my ass off back in my home city of London, it comforts me to know that somewhere in the world it is hot and sunny. Somewhere, right now, there is a girl sitting in an elegant outdoor cafe enjoying an iced coffee in her favourite maxi skirt - and probably pulling it off much more gracefully than myself. I am not sure which genius decided that after the mini skirt revolution, we needed a reintroduction to more refined, floor skimming skirts and dresses but he (or she) is most definitely a genius. Maxi skirts and dresses have saved me on more than one occasion. I love how effortlessly elegant they are - emphasis on effortless. They can be sophisticated and sexy without being too revealing, though mine is probably too sheer and my black shorts too short for the Queen's garden party. C'est la vie. Best of all, they are cool on stiflingly hot days - a godsend during Venetian summers.

Top - Topshop

Skirt - Topshop

Bag - Topshop

Shoes - Topshop

Sunglasses - Six (Spain)

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Bag - Urban Outfitters; Gucci; Danse Lente

Photography by Deanna Hayes

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