Emma, Rome - The Modern Pizzeria

Thought every pizzeria in Italy was the same? Think again. The food world is constantly changing. People are increasingly concerned about what they are putting into their bodies and justifiably so. I absolutely do not want to know what goes into a McDonald’s Big Mac – it would destroy my enjoyment of McDonald’s forever. But for the most part, I like to know that what I am consuming is not full of toxins and processed ingredients. That is what makes Emma in Rome so unique.

Emma prides itself in using only freshly prepared dough made with organic flour and many of the ingredients for their dishes are locally sourced. They also cater to dietary needs with a wider selection of vegan and vegetarian options than is usually available in most restaurants. The pizza menu is extensive but the focus is on quality rather than quantity. The pizzas on offer do not vary greatly in their toppings – in fact the difference between two pizzas on the menu can be as simple as buffalo versus mozzarella cheese. But this allows Emma to fulfil its promise of offering food made from the highest quality ingredients.

Does organic pizza dough really taste better than normal pizza dough? Do fresh tomatoes instead of imported tomatoes really make a difference? Absolutely. It is as healthy as pizza can possibly get – and healthy pizza is the perfect excuse to indulge a little. Everything I ate at Emma’s tasted incredibly fresh. I particularly recommend trying one of the white pizzas without tomato sauce; they are excellent. It was an incredibly refreshing experience.

The pizzeria’s atmosphere reflects its approach to food. It is clean, chic and modern. The restaurant is casual as well as child and small dog friendly but it still manages to maintain a feel of sophistication. They have a lovely outdoor seating area and a very spacious indoor seating area with a large overhead skylight. Do not be fooled though, it is smart to make a reservation for dinner. When I left after dinner, the line for a table was out the door. All in all, a very enjoyable experience and one of the best pizzerias I have encountered on my travels in Italy.

Photography by Savannah Hayes

Top: Colosseum

Bottom: Emma Interior

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