Split's Hidden Gems - Where to Eat, Drink and Relax

Italy, France, Spain … Croatia does not tend to make the cut when it comes to the top cuisines in the world. All the more reason to be prepared – you should not after all walk up to just any restaurant in Split and expect an incredible meal. Life just isn’t that easy, and good food just doesn’t grow on trees. These are the three places you should stop off at in Split …

To give your feet a quick rest during the hottest hours of the day, stop off at the Kokolo Juice and Smoothie Bar. Set in a little square within the walls of Diocletian’s Palace, it’s an adorable outdoor juice bar with umbrellas and some cute chairs, perfect for relaxing and enjoying the outdoors while also escaping the sun. They have a range of smoothies and juices that they blend for you with fresh fruit as well as few other healthy options like some fruit salads. I had been gorging myself on ice cream during my travels in Croatia so a smoothie was the perfect refreshing and less guilt-inducing alternative.

For the less adventurous or those just wanting a reliably tasty casual lunch or dinner, you can never go wrong with pizza. For this, head to the best pizza place in the city, Galija. Located not far from Diocletian’s Palace, the atmosphere is simple and casual and they have a nice covered porch area to enjoy your pizza sitting outside. And the pizza … well having just travelled through Florence, Rome and Venice, I can safely say it rivals real Italian pizza. If their long list of pizzas does not whet your appetite they also have a smaller selection of pastas to choose from.

Finally, for those wanting to experience Dalmatian cuisine at its finest, Uje Oil Bar is the only restaurant you need concern yourself with. The restaurant is located within the walls of Diocletian’s Palace with a rustic modern interior and some lovely outdoor seating. They are open all day and serve breakfast as well, but if you are only able to go once I would save Uje for dinner. I particularly recommend the cuttlefish Venetian style. It is unique and absolutely delicious. They offer olive oil tasting allowing you to sample a range of Croatian olive oils. Uje also has a nearby store and a wine bar which serve up a selection of wines and tasty nibbles.

Top: Kokolo Juice Bar

Bottom: Square in Diocletian's Palace

Photography by Savannah Hayes

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