The Best of the Best - Pizza at Il Pizzaiuolo, Florence

Italian pizza is the best pizza in the world – it is a known fact. Yes, Americans have perfected the art of deep dish and taken the concept of covered in toppings to a previously incomprehensible level, but nothing beats real Italian pizza. And nobody does it better than Il Pizzaiuolo.

Tucked out of reach of the main tourist areas in Florence, Il Pizzaiuolo is a gem only discoverable by sheer luck, word of mouth or in my case, extensive research. To the perpetual chagrin of my waistline, I am a bit of a pizza fanatic and I know that while Italians make the best pizza, not all Italians make the best pizza. In a city where there is a pizzeria, trattoria or osteria every few paces, finding the best of the best is no easy task. But the reward is well worth the hard work.

Il Pizzaiuolo is your typical local Italian osteria. Nothing fancy, nothing pretentious, just quality food. It feels like a traditional Italian restaurant but not in a ‘try too hard’ kind of way. It is certainly not the kind of restaurant that goes above and beyond to have check tablecloths, candles dripping wax down wine bottles and a man playing Bella Notte on the accordion. Lady and the Tramp has unfortunately raised expectations a little high in that regard. But if you are looking for good pizza and a genuine Italian experience, this is the place to go. And before you ask, they do takeaway as well!

Good Italian pizza relies on the dough. Il Pizzaiuolo’s is unsurprisingly homemade and of the highest quality. A thin base, with a large fluffy crust, they have mastered the art of pizza making. In true Italian style the pizza is not loaded down with excess cheese like its American counterparts, nor does it have ten different toppings crammed in. They, wisely, keep it simple. The Vegetariana is exquisite, a statement that only rarely comes out of my mouth. My personal favourite is Diavola. After all what’s better than meat and a little heat? Whatever you want, I promise satisfaction. What are you waiting for? It’s only a plane ride away!

Photograph by Savannah Hayes

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