Florals for Florence

If you have ever seen The Devil Wears Prada, you will undoubtedly remember the intimidating Miranda Priestly, played by the talented Meryl Streep, scathingly commenting "Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking." Her sarcastic insinuation is, of course, right. If anything screams spring/summer fashion it is florals and it can get pretty tiresome. The endless number of tea dress with their tiny flower buds, the jersey dress splashed with big, tacky rose prints - it's enough to make someone give up on florals entirely. But I'm going to advise you not to. I searched for the perfect floral dress for years, and you should be prepared to do the same. There are endless racks of floral dresses that come out every summer, so why settle when you are constantly having a new selection to choose from?

This floral faux wrap dress from Urban Renewal by Urban Outfitters is my perfect floral dress. I first saw it on a friend of mine and fell in love with it instantly, scouring the internet to find one for myself. It was worth the hours of searching. The delicate, slightly oriental floral print is so much more elegant than most of the floral dresses I have seen and the plunging neckline is perfectly balanced by the long sleeves which are gathered at the wrist. And it's black. My obsession with little black dresses will seemingly never cease as my collection grows. After all, it means this dress is perfectly transferable from spring to autumn. But this my perfect floral dress. Yours might be completely different! Just be patient in the search - I promise it will be worth the reward!

Dress - Urban Outfitters

Bag - Topshop

Sandals - Topshop

Sunglasses - Six (Spain)

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Dress - Zara; Topshop;Urban Outfitters

Bag - Urban Outfitters; Gucci; Danse Lente

Photography by Deanna Hayes

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