About Me

Welcome to The Savvy Playbook! I'm Savvy, Sav or whatever else you want to make of Savannah. I was even nicknamed Van for a few years though that is definitely not my preferred choice. 

Travel has been part of my life since I was too young to even remember or enjoy it. I have visited over 30 countries across six continents and been in more airports than I care to count. 

Though I was born in California, Europe, and specifically London where I grew up, is home. So after completing my degree I decided to explore as much of Europe as possible before returning to the US to reconnect with the country I was born in. And now I am combining my passion for writing with my love of travel.

If you are interested at all in travel, food or fashion, the three great loves of my life, maybe I'll provide you with a little inspiration, entertainment, or perhaps for some, motivation! If you enjoy reading this blog half as much as I enjoy writing it and even more so, living it, then it will have been worth it! 


Savannh, Travel Blogger